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Tư vấn chuyển đổi số, Doanh nhân.

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Introduce about CMC Global

CMC Global, one of Southeast Asia’s largest IT hubs with over 3000 engineers (covering the majority of mainstream tech stacks), partners with Samsung, IBM, OneConnect, Pomelo, and Zalora to assist them in driving digital transformation. CMC aspires to be the regional leader in software outsourcing and information technology services, to provide professional goods to clients, and to assist Vietnam in becoming an ICT-competent country.

Years of software development, software quality control, Sales & Marketing, and Solution Development, I got into Digital Transformation Consulting Journey because I enjoy developing great relationships and assisting others in their endeavors. As a result, many businesses have been achieved better outcomes via the use of my IT solutions and services provision. Specifically, I have solved enormous case studies for DX such as BPR, low-code, AI, Cloud and RPA.

CMC Global provides ITO service and cutting-edge Digital Transformation (DX) solutions to help your business thrive.
Contact us if you are interested in:

  • Migrate/move your on-premise system to the Cloud.
  • Optimize Cloud services cost and management.
  • Automate your process to scale up fast, improve customers’ experience, avoid human errors, etc.
  • Collect & analyze big data to gain insight, make predictions and solve problems beyond human capabilities.
  • Upgrade/modernize your legacy systems.

About Kienoi.com

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Digital Transformation Consultant in Vietnam