Get to know Kien Tran

I am a Digital Consultant and Entrepreneur, passionate about crafting digital strategies that drive success.

Navigating Digital Horizons, Fueling Transformation.

My story is one of evolution and adaptation. I began my career as a Software Engineer, diving into the intricacies of code, algorithms, and systems. Over the years, I embraced change, transitioning into the role of a Digital Transformation Consultant. This journey led me to found Farmtigo Company Limited, my entrepreneurial venture dedicated to reshaping the agricultural sector. Today, Buoc & Company is another milestone, a digital agency driven by my commitment to digital consultancy.

Digital transformation isn’t just my job; it’s my passion. I’ve helped clients redefine their digital strategies, navigate change, and find new opportunities in the ever-evolving online world. The path to innovation is marked by challenges, but it’s these challenges that fuel my determination to lead transformation.

  1. Beyond work, I’m driven by a zest for life, constantly exploring and learning. Whether it’s a new business venture or a personal project, I approach each endeavor with curiosity and determination. I believe in the power of innovation, and I’m here to help others uncover their potential in the digital age.”


My Skills

I bring a diverse skill set to the table, honed through years of experience in various roles. My expertise encompasses digital strategy, change management, innovation consulting, software engineering, entrepreneurship, and leadership. These skills are the cornerstones of my journey, allowing me to drive transformation, create solutions, and lead with confidence in the dynamic world of digital innovation.

Digital Strategy
Change Management
Innovation Consulting
Leadership and Team Building




Lead UI/UX Designer

Nurturing an agricultural revolution through technology.


Buoc& Company

Web Developer

Leading a team dedicated to digital transformation.


International Company

9+ Years in Software Engineering, Digital Transformation Consultant, and More

A diverse journey marked by adaptability and growth.